Thursday, February 14, 2019

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Database Service - Bare Metal

The Database service part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers the autonomous and user-managed database options. The user-managed can be customized and you can choose between using Bare Metal, Virtual Machine or Exadata systems. These are called DB Systems.
The autonomous database cannot be customized as they come pre-configured. You can choose between Autonomous Transaction Processing or Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Licensing wise there are two models. License included covers the costs of the license in the cloud service. Bring Your Own License (BYOL) allows to use costumer’s Unlimited License Agreement or Non-Unlimited License Agreement with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. There are some restrictions that apply to BYOL. More details about pricing can be found in below link:

There are two ways to access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can use the Console (browser) and the REST API. Below is the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure menu.

Let’s start looking at Bare Metal DB Systems. They are available as a single metal server running Oracle Linux 6.8 and NVMe storage locally attached. NVMe provides additional boost in performance for these systems.
When a bare metal DB system is created you select the Oracle Database Edition for the whole system. This means that you can have multiple DB homes with different versions but all with the same edition.

Bare metal comes in two shapes available. BM.DenselO2.52 that provides 1-node with up to 52 CPU cores, 768 GB of memory and eight 6.4 TB NVMe storage drives. BM.DenselO1.36 that is 1-node with up to 36 CPU cores, 512 GB of memory and nine 3.2 TB drives.

Database versions available are,, and

As you can see from the previous screenshot. You can opt for automatic backups going to an Oracle Cloud Object Storage. 

I’ll cover Virtual Machine and Exadata DB systems including backups in my next post. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Oracle 19c Available for Exadata On-Premises

Oracle just released Oracle 19c for Exadata On-Premises. This is just close to a year when they released the 18c version for Exadata On-Premises on February 16th 2018.

If they follow the same schedule, we may expect 19c for the Database Cloud Service early next month.

Release dates can be found in the MOS Doc Id 742060.1

I did check the versions available in the Oracle Cloud for VM, Bare Metal and Exadata.
No 19c version as expected.

Now is time to start playing with the new features of 19c. Stay tuned!


OEM 12c/13c Metric Extension - Collection Result Maximum Flood Control

I recently had an issue in OEM 12c while creating a Metric Extension that was returning more than 5000 records. In OEM 12c versions and there a flood control mechanism in order to limit the maximum number of rows for a metric.

You can also verify this in the agent_inst/sysman/log/gcagent.log file:

2018-10-08 13:38:50,330 [66:F119EDFE:GC.Executor.1 (host:hostname:ll_host_config) (host:hostname:ll_host_config:ECM_OS_COMPONENT)] WARN - Result set exceeding min flood control level

The solution is provided in the MOS Doc Id 1499381.1

We didn’t want to proceed to apply the patch but rather we limited the number of rows from the Metric Extension.

This OMS patch is available also for 13.1 version and the bug states that is fixed in 13.2 versions.