OEM Agent Plug-in Testing

Today I want to write about Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c plug-ins and how to test them. 

OEM is divided into two logical parts, the EM Platform and the EM Plug-ins. The EM Platform basically consists of the UI console, job system, metrics, EM agent, etc. The EM Plug-ins are modules that you can attach to you EM Platform to extend the monitoring functionality. As a result, we have plug-ins for Oracle Databases, Fusion Middleware, even hardware or 3rd-party vendors like MS SQL Server.

The plug-ins have a set of Perl scripts that the agent uses to compute status and metrics for the targets. You can find these scripts under “/plugins//scripts”.
Let us see an example:

Fusion Middleware plug-in version
$ cd  /plugins/oracle.sysman.emas.agent.plugin_12.

In there you can see tons of Perl scripts. These scripts are being used by the agent to compute response and metrics for the targets registered in the agent.

Now let’s say you have a Web Cache target that shows an incorrect status in OEM and you want to know how the agent computes the response status of this target.

 $ ls webcache*.pl
webcacheesm.pl  webcacheIsStandalone.pl  webcacheresource.pl  webcacheresponse.pl

You can see that there’s a response script available. 
Now the question is, how to test it?

Based on the MOS id 1534087.1, you can create an env.sh script to load the required variables to your shell. I did create the env.sh file and source it:

$ . env.sh

Now I’m able to test the webcacheresponse.pl:

$ perl webcacheresponse.pl

Looks like having 1 as the result means that the Web Cache is up per the script’s logic. This result is passed to the agent and finally to the OMS.

Hope this is helpful for you while trying to investigate status related issues with your targets.