Enable NFS mount point monitoring in OEM 13c

OEM doesn’t monitor NFS mount points by default. In case you need to monitor NFS mount points you have 2 options.
Either create a metric extension using an OS script or to enable a property called EM_MONITOR_ALL_DISKS in the agent’s configuration file.
There are two ways to accomplish the second option. You can go and modify the emd.properties file or you can use the OEM console to modify it.
The OEM console can submit a job called “Agents Configuration Operation”. This job is going to prompt you for a name and the agents you want to modify the property. The Parameters tab has all the available parameters to modify. Just set the EM_MONITOR_ALL_DISKS to true and submit the job.

If you want to modify this manually. Just follow the instruction in the MOS note 1513537.1.

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