Thinking on trying the Oracle Cloud? My 30 day experience.

Although I already had some exposure to the Oracle Cloud (thanks to other Oracle ACEs that put an awesome workshop last year at Collaborate 2017) , I decided to sign up for a free 30 day ($300 dollars credit) and test the Cloud out.
The sing up process was kind of weird. You first go to and click on the “Try for Free” green button in the right upper corner and then “Create Free Account”.
Then you fill the formulary with all your personal data (account details), verification code (sent to your cell), credit card details (no charge will be made) and you need to agree the terms and conditions.
You will receive an email after you submit your formulary. That night I received an email from Oracle that asked me to provide the name of the bank of my credit card and the amount that was charged to it. Yes, they charged and then they removed the charge.
After asking them by email on how to provide this information, they responded that just by replying to that email with my information (seems pretty secure, right?). I received an email couple of hours later with my login credentials and the URL. Once you click on the hyperlink or type the URL provided, you are prompted to reset your password and then sent to the main dashboard.

In my next post, I will show you how to create your first Cloud Database instance.

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