Upgrade Your DB to 19c As A PDB using Enterprise Manager 13c

With Oracle Database 19c being the long term release, makes sense to start planning the upgrade of the DBs running on previous releases. Even better, what about converting Non-CDB databases into PDBs at the same time?

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) 13c, we can kill two birds with one stone. That is upgrade our DBs to 19c and migrate them into a PDB at the same time.

How this works? First of all, this functionality is part of the Database Lifecycle Management Pack. You can find the documentation for this feature along with all the pre-reqs below:

Let me guide you through this process.

In this environment I have a single instance database “orders”. As you can see on the screenshot below, is currently running version 18.10.

Orders DB Running 18.10 And Db19c Running 19.3 Version

Let’s now navigate to Enterprise -> Provisioning and Patching -> Database Provisioning

Database Provisioning Menu

Locate the Provision Pluggable Databases link under Related Links section

Provision Pluggable Databases Link

This will open the Provision Pluggable Database dashboard.

Provision Pluggable Databases Dashboard

Select the Container Database which is out target. Click on Migrate Existing Databases and then click the Launch button.

Select the desired migration method. You can choose between Data Pump Full Transportable Export and Import or Plug as a PDB. There are cons and pros on each method. Review the documentation previously shared so you can choose the best option for your migration.

For the purpose of this example we are going to choose Data Pump Full Transportable Export and Import.

Available Migration Methods

Now add the source DBs to be migrated.

Add DBs To Be Migrated
Select The Orders DB

Add or select the required Named Credentials and provide the path for the Export Directory.

Source Information

Provide the required Destination Information and click Next.

Destination Information

EM will execute compatibility and validation checks. If there are no errors click Close to proceed.

Validation Completed Successfully

Type a name for the EM job and select the desired schedule for it to run.

Schedule Information

Review all the information provided and click Submit.

Review Window

Wait for the Confirmation pop-up window and click View Job.

Confirmation Window

Monitor the progress of the deployment procedure until it completes.

Migration Deployment Procedure

Confirm that the db19c container DB now has the ORDERS PDB.

Orders PDB – db19c CDB

Click on the ORDERS PDB and verify the version information.

ORDERS PDB Dashboard

We now have migrated our orders DB into the db19c container running 19.3 version.

I also recommend to take a look at MOS Doc ID 2694986.1 before attempting the migration.

Hope this helps to ease the migration process for your DBs.