OEM 13c New Features – Corrective Actions

Today’s post is about another new feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c. Well, not a new feature itself but some awesome enhancements to Corrective Actions (CA).
In this new release 13c several new CA types were added, including “Add Space To Tablespace”, “Chef Recipe” for those who like automation and now can be added to Service Level Agreement (SLA) alerts and job status events.
I’m a big enthusiast of OEM jobs and now having the option to set a CA for them is just more than cool!
I wrote an article a year ago on IOUG’s Select journal about Corrective Actions and didn’t want to finish my day without setting a CA for job. But wait a minute, I know I can set CA for metrics using the “Metric and Collection Settings” page, but there’s no such thing for jobs.
Here’s how we setup a corrective action for jobs. First we need to enable events for jobs, this means that we as administrators decide what kind of job status will create an event.
In order to do this, you need to navigate to Setup -> Incidents -> Job Events
Step 1. Here you decide what job status and job severity generates an event.

Step 2. You decide if you want to generate events for jobs without targets.
Step 3. Choose the target you want to generate job events for.
Once you have the proper events setup, then the next step is to catch this event and do something with it. In this case fire a Corrective Action (CA). The only place we can catch these events and do something with them is an Incident Rule.
Navigate to Setup-> Incident -> Incident Rules
Then create or modify an existing Incident Rule Set. Inside this Rule Set create a new Rule to catch these job events. Inside the Rule Actions there’s a new section to Submit a Corrective Action.
Click on the “Select corrective action” and choose the CA from your CA Library.

Cool doesn’t it! One of the uses I can think of is with Database backup jobs. Sometimes the RMAN backup fails when is not able to find an archivelog and the solution is to run a crosscheck command and retry the backup job. This CA can do that for us and just notify us once it completes.
It still needs further testing but is another tool to save us time.
If you want information about the “Add Space To Tablespace” CA you better check Kellyn’s post about it.