Oracle EBS 12.2 EBS Technology Codelevel Checker ETCC

Looks like this is my first post about Oracle EBS. Yeah, looks like now I’m more on the dark side of the force.
This is the time for ETCC. ETCC is a set of 2 scripts. One is going to check the recommended patches for the DB stack and the other one is going to check for the recommended patches for the Middleware stack.
It does not connect to the internet to verify the latest patches. So you must verify and download the latest version of this (patch 17537119).
The scripts are:
You just execute these scripts and provide the information that is being asked. They are going to spool a report like list with the recommended patches for your stack.
Keep in mind that they make use of utilities like OPatch, so is recommended you have the latest version in your DB Oracle Home.
Identifying database release.
  Database release set to
  Connecting to database.
  Database connection successful.
  Checking for DB-ETCC results table.
  Table to store DB-ETCC results already exists in the database.
  Checking if InMemory option is enabled.
  Obtained list of bugfixes to be applied and the list to be rolled back.
  Now checking Database ORACLE_HOME.
  The opatch utility is at the required version.
  Found patch records in the inventory.
    Missing Bugfix: 11111111  ->  Patch 12345678
    Missing Bugfix: 22222222  ->  Patch 45678912
    Missing Bugfix: 33333333  ->  Patch 98765432
    Missing Bugfix: 44444444  ->  Patch 98765432
  Generating Patch Recommendation Summary.
  The default patch recommendations to install these missing bugfixes are:
  Oracle Database Release  (No PSU applied)
    Patch 12345678
      – Filename:
    Patch 45678912
      – Filename:
    Patch 98765432
      – Filename:
  Apply the required patches and rerun this script.
As a side note, I noticed that with TXK Delta 10 if you try to start an ADOP cycle it is going to check if ETCC was recently executed and all the recommended patches are in place.
Looks like is some way to enforce that all the tech stack patches are current.