Upgrade Oracle Enterprise Manager to 13.5

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 (EM) was just recently announced. The installation files along with the documentation are now available in the Oracle portal. The upgrade process is very similar to the one followed for 13.4.

You can find the process I followed to upgrade EM to 13.4 here:

Let’s now get into the 13.5 upgrade process.

The same way as EM 13.4, this is an out of place upgrade. What is the significance of this? Well, you have to install a new Middleware home. Then the wizard will take care of all the required steps to upgrade EM using this new home.

My current environment details:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 RU 9 (Single OMS)
  • Oracle Database 19c RU 9 (OMR)
  • Oracle Linux 7 64-bit

Take a look at the

Oracle EM documentation and make sure you comply with all the pre-requisites before attempting the upgrade.

It is recommended that you apply the latest RU to the Oracle Database hosting the Oracle Management Repository (OMR). Review and make sure you meet all the pre-requisites detailed in the upgrade guide.

Download the Oracle EM 13.5 software and stage it on your OMS server.

$ chmod +x em13500_linux64.bin
$ ./em13500_linux64.bin

Select an installation type. In this case will be an End-to-End upgrade. As you can see, the installer has been enhanced compared with the previous release.

I’m going to un-select the security updates box and click Next.

The wizard will run through a couple of checks and provide recommendations.

Review the output of each check and perform any required fix.

Type the location for the new Middleware home.

Enter the Database connection details for the OMR.

Fix the required Database checks.

You can click the Auto Fix button. Auto Fix won’t fix things you have to manually setup. In my case I had to execute the following:

  • Copy the emkey to repos
$ ./emctl config emkey -copy_to_repos
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 4
Copyright (c) 1996, 2020 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Enter Enterprise Manager Root (SYSMAN) Password :
The EMKey has been copied to the Management Repository. This operation will cause the EMKey to become unsecure.
After the required operation has been completed, secure the EMKey by running "emctl config emkey -remove_from_repos".
  • Shutdown the EM agent
$ cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
$ ./emctl stop agent
  • Shutdown OMS
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
$ ./emctl stop oms -all
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 4
Copyright (c) 1996, 2020 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Stopping Oracle Management Server...
WebTier Successfully Stopped
Oracle Management Server Successfully Stopped
Oracle Management Server is Down
JVMD Engine is Down
Stopping BI Publisher Server...
BI Publisher Server Successfully Stopped
AdminServer Successfully Stopped
BI Publisher Server is Down

I ignored the MD5 check.

As previously stated. You have to verify that the DB hosting the OMR has all the required patched already applied.

Verify the plug-ins that are going to be upgraded to 13.5

Select additional plug-ins you want to install as part of this upgrade to 13.5

Type the WebLogic password and the location of the WebLogic base instance

Review all the upgrade inputs and click the Upgrade button

The upgrade wizard will perform all the required steps

Execute root scripts

$ sudo /u01/app/em135/middleware/allroot.sh

Starting to execute allroot.sh .........

Starting to execute /u01/app/em135/middleware/root.sh ......
Check /u01/app/em135/middleware/install/root_emcc.marketplace.com_2021-05-10_23-16-24.log for the output of root script
Finished execution of  /u01/app/em135/middleware/root.sh ......

Oracle EM has been upgraded to 13.5

Now you should start you EM agent and start upgrading all of them.

All new features on 13.5 are described below.

As you can see, the process is very straight forward.

Happy upgrade!!!