Collaborate 2019 Presentations

Collaborate 2019 will take place April 7-11 in San Antonio this year.
This time I have 3 presentations accepted and ready to roll starting April 7th.
Simplifying EBS 12.2 ADOP

In this session I’ll talk about basic ADOP concepts, how to us them and real-life problems and best practice recommendations.
Listen to your Database. How to Understand an Oracle AWR Report.

This session is one of my favorites. In this quick tip I’ll show you the method I use to quickly identify a bottleneck in the DB system using an AWR report.
SMART Performance Monitoring. Exadata and OEM 13c.

I’ll talk about a product that has been set aside by Oracle for a while. Yes, that is OEM 13c.
This session will cover how to monitor Exadata systems using OEM 13c, how to use the plug-in features to find the system’s performance and to alert in case of issues.
Don’t forget to also visit us at our Viscosity booth. I’ll see you there in case you have questions.

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